Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Progress so far

There`s so many miniatures ... and so little time. I have 60 Clanrats ( 2x30) , i have done so far impressive : 13 lol . My speed is really slow, though, i`m learning something new every time. It`s take me about 3-5 h to finish one Clanrat with basing. I`m gonna work on my speed. All painted skaven`s are magnetize and "protect" with Puriety Seal from GW , Any suggestions, question,ideas - please, be my guest 



  1. They look pretty good so far.

    You could try to mass-paint for speed up the things. You know, using colors in ranks of 5 or 10 minis, then use another colour on all the same mini...

    Painting all those rats one by one... wow, just way too much work. Maybe you can paint the front rank that way, and the rest like I said.


    PS: Loved the base work! It's quite strange to found others who like to have really cool-based models! Which colours have you used for the gravilla? ;D

  2. Thx for your comment

    Yeah, i`m trying to do small groups at once (like five models) and finding it quite comfortably

    No,No,No ;-)) i`m paiting all units same way - proper way ( at least for now )

    about basing quite simple (using GW paints):
    1.chaos black primer
    2.scorched brown and chaos black (1:1) wash the whole base
    3.drybrush Bubonic Brown
    4.drybrush Bleached Bone


  3. I never thought about painting them brownish!

    Always grey, darker, lighter, but grey. Yours look cool, that's why I asekd. Thanks for the recipe! ;D

  4. Nice work, I think your clanrats look really good. The bases are excellent as Nesbet has already noted but I think the rusted metal is outstanding, too. I'm sure you'll pick up speed as you paint more and more rats, just keep at it.