Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Here comes faith

This time i have couple picture of High Elves , painted only by my girlfriend . Yes, the girl is doing great job at once, enjoying herself ;-))) Tell us what u think about good guys .She really want to hear some comments ;-)))


  1. Wow! Pretty nice elves.

    Did she seriously painted them all by herself, enjoying it? I think that's the coolest part of all!

    First time? First attempt at miniature painting but previous artist?

    The elves look neat, very shiny and clean, just as they should be. Remarkable are the jewels. those gems look superb, seriously!
    Pretty nice work so far, both of you.
    congratulations for your miniatures, they are looking very good so far. I'll be looking forward too see more minis from you, and your girlfriend ;D
    (What's her name?)

  2. Her name is Ulla ;-) and she is working on another project . Thanks for appreciate the gems and elves cos she put a lot of effort in to them ;-)

  3. These look great! The shading on the white cloth is particularly impressive, the transition of color looks very natural. Really nice painting all around from both of you. These two armies will complement each other so well once they're painted, I'm excited to see more of them.

  4. Excellent painting. Very clean. I especially like that Reaver model in the Middle. High Elves were my first army, so it's always nice to see them getting some love! If you paint that rat ogre conversion up to these standards, I'm sure we'll all be very excited.

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