Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lighting cannon progress

Hi, i spend whole week trying to paint something new and exciting. My choice was Warp Lighting Cannon , which has a new look , crew and smart assembly. The model itself it`s a bit too small , the crew look a bit dull (one position) , and warpstone engine it`s too small  :/ On the other hand : wicked wheels , different assembly and options. It`s really good model ( catapult  looks like lolipop :/) and good add to your army .

 I want some green schame ( dirt and darker) with some brown mixture ( like clan Vrrtkin, about) .
 I started and basecoated them , finish them ,but didnt like the finished product, so my boys will have their heads change and have a dip in Dettol :))

So, when the crew is on hooliday, i started painting the cannon ( wood ) with mix of : Bestial Brown and Fortress Gray (1:1)  ... looks like this :

I`ll try to keep up the good work ;-) and do some photos .Later

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