Monday, 11 April 2011

my first Rat Ogre convertion

I spend lovly weekend in our most favourite place in the world - Brighton (hehe not to fancy)  so .... if we are there , i always take advantage of that - and buy myself something new from Games Workshop :-))))
because i have soooo many miniatures waiting , and there`s no many things i want (sic!) ... i bought myself  Rat Ogres & Rats and Packmaster  box  , which i find really ugly ....  I have opt for some convertion

I have use few bits from HPA box (arm,head, engine) , chaos things like base and cloath + W40k orks buzzsaw
I did some pinning and  sculpting , which i find so difficult and hard , but happy with final effect ( even is not great ) ...

only painting left .... but for another day ;-))))  I hope U like it , tell me what U think guys !

Saturday, 2 April 2011


Ula started workin on her Elves Chariot . Here is a quick snap of beginning of her work :

Big bad boy :-)

at last ! after many,many weeks away , i have finished my first rat Ogre ... im pleased with result
Please have a look, and tell me what U think about it .... Criticism most welcome !

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Graveyard WIP

I have been working on my Graveyard project for couple of days . Its goin realy good . Here`s few pictures . Tell me what U think ;-)

Some of the stuff im gona use , tryin to give it a good, cementary feel

and walls done from polystyrene foam boards :

and gate (final product, i have used lots of diffrent  spare parts ) :

Sunday, 27 February 2011


We have finished a small terrain project .... it was good fun , only base left for another time ;-))

my little (and big) buddies

I finished few more Clanrats and still working on my Rat Ogre (WIP)

Long time no see....

Hi , i know its been long time , since i put something new. Working late, traveling, Dead Space 2 and several other things was in the way. But we r back with few new projects and photos.

I bought a Vampire Counts batallion , cos i was thinking i`m going to leave my Skavens and start a new army .... The Vampires was my first idea and like the "atmosphere" around them ... but too much skaven allready have , and i was quite disippointed with miniatures (fragile,small ,old) ... so after spending more then 50 pounds , we decided in not going to collect them ...and use them for my Graveyard project ;-))) Have a look